about {cj} inspired

Well hello!

Welcome to {cj} inspired, a little place where I like to share my thoughts on all that blows me away.  Please take off your jacket and make yourself comfortable.

I originally decided to create this blog to help me keep tabs on the latest articles and ideas from the marketing world.  I graduated from the greatest university known to man, Indiana University, in May of 2010 as a marketing major.  While I loved studying what makes people tick and how we can use that information to influence action, I know the consumer expectations and marketing mediums that I learned about have changed since my days gallivanting around Btown.

Fortunately, I love the ever-evolving marketing world, and keeping up with what's trending on Twitter is all a part of the fun for me.  As I continue to learn about the latest in technology, how to best catch a someone's attention when they are glued to their iPhone and what really makes people connect to a brand in 2011, I'll keep you posted on my findings here.  And if you discover anything that is reshaping the marketing world we live in today, I would love it if you'd send it my way.

For those of you who don't have marketing-focused RSS feeds, fear not.  As much as I wanted this to be a place of intellectual stimulation, I also needed an outlet for expressing all that inspires me outside of advertising.  As a result, this place will host more than just my Twitter tips.  I am also really into exercise, cookies (and basically sweets of any kind), graphic design, nature, books and crafts.  (That's right.  I said crafts. This DIY girl loves color and glue guns, so wait 'til you see how Martha I can be.)  Alas, I have decided to make {cj} inspired a place to catalog my inspirational finds from other aspects of my life as well.

Thanks for taking the stop by. You're always welcome to visit whenever you're in the mood, which I hope is often.  I'd love to know your thoughts, so please don't hesitate to leave me a comment or get in touch!

Take care and have a great day,
Caitlin J. Roth